Day 5.

11 Dec

So as I said before I have recently been quite ill and so it has been hard for me to accomplish some of the tasks within ‘This Book Will Change Your Life’. I am therefore going to attempt to rectify this complete lack of blogging by completing a number of tasks today. Day 5 is where I begin.

‘Today subvert consumer society from within – visit luxury stores, pretend to examine their goods and use the opportunity to hide these messages inside for the eventual buyers to discover.’


The messages include ‘With this boot you are crushing the poor’, ‘Imagine how many families you could feed for the price of this item’ and my personal favourite ‘This vase is expensive yet empty – same as you?’. The question mark makes that last one.

As I am trying to compress 4-5 days worth of tasks into one day, I had to attempt this craziness this morning at my local convenience store…..granted it isn’t high brow but would work none-the-less, however I received a few shifty looks while I was trying to subtly open a pizza box without damaging the packaging and I chickened out. I was only trying to check there was a pizza in there honestly!

The message I tried to deliver was ‘Can I have some?’. Granted I am no Shakespeare but then I have to work with what’s around me. Points for effort?

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