My name is Amy Evans and after moving from my beautiful hometown of Falmouth in Cornwall, I now live in Bristol. Aside from the general all work and no play aspects of life (apologies for lying to you so early in our friendship – I probably play more than I work…) I have a few interests which are my reason behind starting this blog. Those interests are writing, popular culture, history and politics, and most importantly Films.

My intention with this blog is to review as much as I possibly can, prodominently films, but mixing it up every once in a while. I read reviews, watch trailers and express my opinion at any given oppurtunity as I feel so passionately about entertainment and its social and personal values, so what better way to express myself than write it down for all you lucky people to read!

Any opinions expressed will be my own, unless otherwise stated and I welcome both applause and/or criticism.

Enjoy………. (I hope!)


Also just for your information here in lies an article that explains why my reviews lack the shiny Star-ratings and what I have replaced them for.

Happy Reading.

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