Star Trek Into Darkness

9 Dec

In 2013 our doorsteps are set to be darkened by an ever-growing presence. The latest installment of J.J. Abrams reinvented Star Trek franchise. Soon to be added to the acclaimed director/producers back catalogue which includes Super 8, Cloverfield and the television series Lost, Star Trek Into Darkness is one of the most anticipated movies of the last few years. By no means is my use of language at the beginning a means of slating the film, darkening our doorsteps is merely a play on words of the title, as realistically it would be impossible to negatively critique a film where the trailer, or ‘announcement video’ as they are calling it, looks like this…

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer/Announcement Video (IMDB)

Packing a punch from the second the deep drum beat drops, this ‘trailer’ promises so much. Aside from the questionable glossy hair do’s that Spock and Scotty seem to have adopted, the film seems to have retained all of the elements that made the first one so successful. The stylization, the characterisation, the incredibly crafted special effects and the heart-pounding soundtrack, it’s all there, wrapped inside this stunning sci-fi world that Abrams has created.

The first Star Trek of this series (yes I am hopeful that there will many more to justify my calling it a series in advance…) was one of my favourite films of 2009 and one of the few films that I went back to the cinema multiple times to watch again, and I am more excited about this film than Christmas…..yes, the actual Christmas where I am given presents for no discernible reason.

This trailer/announcement video delivers and without any hidden apocalyptic meaning the world can not wait for the darkness.

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