Day 6.

11 Dec

Today, try the food that scares you.

This is probably the one I am most nervous about from the entire book. For those of you who don’t know me I am an incredibly fussy eater. The only vegetables and fruits that I eat are as follows: mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, bananas and peaches. Yes that is it, those measly six things. People find this astonishing but I just can’t stomach anything else, whether it be due to the flavour or the texture, I just can’t bring my list of healthy perishables up to seven+ items. I have tried other foods again and again with no success, but today I will try it once more.

In high hopes that my partner would have millions of food types that I hate around the house as he is pretty much my polar opposite being essentially a vegetarian, I went searching. What I found was Cucumber. Now I have had an ongoing battle with cucumber as it is one of my favourite smells alongside freshly cut grass and fish food (don’t ask me why) and so I have tried it on several occasions hoping that the next time will be the time my taste buds say ‘Ah ok then’, but as yet it has not happened. But I am going to give it another go.

So we have the cucumber in question, a piece to the right of the plate I chopped off of the end incase it had “gone bad” and a piece just to the left which I have grated as I despise the texture of the skin.


Here is the piece of which I speak. Help. Me. Please.


I prepared for washing the taste down by pouring myself a nice glass of Orange Juice. Notice it is ‘smooth’ as I shockingly hate pulp.


Now after about ten minutes of me biting around the crunchy edge of the grated piece, choosing to brave it and not having my delicious OJ until the end of the painful ordeal, I bit into the middle. Cue my gag reflex. I think the only time I have gagged without actually being sick was at Reading Festival 2007 when I decided to brave the long-drop toilets…and so I decided not to go on. In the end this is all that was left, the juicy/crunchy middle.


I hope one day to overcome my hatred for so many foods and stop feeling defeated, but you can’t say I have never tried. Damn you Day 6.

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