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Day 17.

18 Dec

Today, stick a message on a banknote.

This has been the first real test of my character since opening the book that will change my life (yes even more of a test than eating the dreaded greenery that is cucumber on Day 6), as I found myself worrying about whether this act was in fact vandalism. I know that the Queens image is not meant to be defaced in any way and Benrik even state at the bottom of todays page that The Bank of England said, “We strongly discourage people from taking any action which will, even to a very limited extent, shorten the life of our banknotes”. So as you can see, I found myself in a genuine dilemma.

But after some thorough research (I looked for a few opinions from the general public on Yahoo Questions/Answere), and remembering the amount of banknotes I have come across with writing all over them, I decided that I would not be thrown in prison for doing this task and so set about writing my messages on my dollar (pounds…).


The messages are as follows:

Top Left – ‘Hmmmm what is it all about?’

Top Right – ‘Don’t forget milk’.

Bottom Left – ‘Do you really need that?’

Bottom Right – ‘That’s not worth £20.00’.

I am a poetic genius as you can see.

End notes: If you do come across these banknotes at any point feel free to let me know what you have spent my money on. And I would like to point out that I have not defaced the Queens image in any way, shape or form therefore this legal tender is still incredibly reusuable.

Day 16.

17 Dec

This morning, walk into a police station, announce you’re finally giving yourself up and refuse to say another word for the rest of the day.

Obviously as I am writing to you at 10pm I have clearly not been to the police station and therefore not been arrested for wasting valuable police time. I say valuable….


However today’s task did get me thinking about confessions in general. I mean how much do we really know about each other and what sort of things, if pushed, would we confess to our friends and family, our neighbours, or our work colleagues, if anything? What would I confess? Do I even have anything to confess?

I know that throughout my life I have told a few little white lies, and when I say little I mean little. They are usually in a conversation that goes something like this:

“Have you seen ________ yet? It’s such a good film!”

“Oh yeah I saw that ages ago…..” (nod intently while the other person describes their favourite scene and/or laugh with them when they say about a good line of dialogue)

But then this situation is brought on by my own annoyance that I haven’t seen the movie before my friend/family member/colleague. Sad but true.

I thought about writing my one and only big confession on this page but instead I am going to take my confession, write it onto a postcard and send it to Postsecret. I urge you to do the same – let it go.

Day 15.

16 Dec

Today ask your loved ones to list you bad points. (And so I don’t feel completely awful I asked for good points as well)… Here they all are….


Good Points                                           Bad Points

You’re an amazing cousin                    We live to far apart & I don’t get to see you

Your ass                                                       You don’t let me grab it more

Love your zest for life                             You swear too much

You care about people                           You care too much about people

You love bacon bites                               Your taste in films (you don’t like Top Gun!)

Well there you have it. Not a bad result really as I was expecting so much worse so thank you everyone who helped me out with this today at such short notice. I will do my very best to improve all the negatives…..

I’ll watch Top Gun with my cousin without swearing at the television and then let my friend touch my bum and not care if anyone finds out.

Day 14.

16 Dec

‘True Story. There is an extraordinary study by Marius Von Senden, called “Space and Sight”. In it he examines the experiences of those born blind whose sight has recently been restored by cataract surgery. For them, vision is a radical new experience. They see the world as a field of colours. One girl was so moved by its dazzling brilliance that she kept her eyes closed for two weeks, only opening them briefly now and again, to repeat “Oh God! How beautiful.” Alas, she found it impossible to understand space, and kept bumping into these colours. She was only ever happy with her eyes closed, pretending to be blind again.” – Benrik, This Book Will Change Your Life


Today’s task was to go through the day without the use of sight. This morning I awoke, got out of my warm bed to get my towels and had a shower. I also, later on in the evening, wrapped three of my Christmas presents. Both of these I did with my eyes closed. The feeling was quite terrifying.

I had a conversation with my partner a while ago, as I am sure many others have, regarding which sense we would be more devastated to lose; our sight or our hearing. As a fan of film I fell on the side of sight as my mind and emotional mood responds so much more to visual stimulation, where as my partner who is a lover of all things musical fell on the side of hearing. For me today, just these two menial tasks of showering and wrapping presents was extremely difficult and despite the fact that I was in my home, an environment in which I feel comfortable in and am aware of my surroundings, it felt so daunting and I felt like I had forgotten where everything was. Obviously people who are born with an impairment (a word I hesitate to use but am in need of another) know no different and they learn to adapt to the world around them, and like we saw above, an alteration that world doesnt always go as smoothly as some may have first hoped.

Despite my eyes being closed for some parts of today, my mind has been opened just a fraction more.

Day 13.

16 Dec

8853269-secret-agent-girl‘Today, pretend to be a secret agent…..Don’t look up now, they are watching…..Wave at the grey car. It will pick you up and take you to the secret rendevous….P.S. Tear this page out and swallow it’.

There was definitely no grey car.

But anyway on the subject of spying I would like to share with you all one of my favourite films within the secret agent genre. Now this isn’t going to be your regular choice, it isn’t the blue-eyed boy Daniel Craig with his slick portrayal of James Bond or even the tiny Tom Cruise in yet another ‘impossible’ mission, it is the voluptuous and camp cast of the Carry On films in Carry On Spying.

The Carry On films are something that I grew up with, and like many others I can recall numerous occasions in which my family and I would sit down and laugh uncontrollably at the screen, with each innuendo and unbelievable situation that the characters threw at us. The black and white films from the series are by far my favourite – Carry On Nurse, Spying, Constable, Cabby – as they carry with them a certain charm and delicacy that the later ones lack. That is not to say however that I dislike them, I just find the earlier ones to be slightly superior. So go ahead, click on the link and watch the film in its entirety and secret agent skills at their very best.

Day 10 – Day 12.

16 Dec

‘Woah’ I hear you say. ‘Three days at once?’ I hear you ask. Well, what happened was…….

I will be honest from the start, the tasks for Day 10 – Day 12 were either ones that I chickened out of or were completely ridiculous. The former being doing a runner from a restaurant (i.e not paying the bill) and the latter was to ‘insult an alien’ by shouting into my radio and hoping some form of extra-terrestrial would hear me…… Yeah. giant-telescope

Instead I decided to do three things from the list of ‘Things you will never do before you die’ from Day 9, and prove Benrik wrong!

These 3 things were:

  • Laugh at a bad joke. Here it is….. “I used to be a superb scarecrow impersonator. In fact I was outstanding in my field”.
  • Whistle while you work. I whistled this song….. Magic Dance
  • Wear a rucksack. Yep I am hardcore.

I didn’t promise it would be amazing but it is honest.

A Film For Adults.

14 Dec

Movie 43

The above trailer is for a brand new comedy ‘Movie 43’. It is so new in fact that there isn’t even a plot synopsis on IMDB, and to be honest the trailer isn’t any more forthcoming as to what this film is actually about. What is obvious though is that pretty much every actor from Hollywood is in the film and they will be, yes they will be funny.

Directed by a team almost as big as its cast, including Elizabeth Banks (Role Models, Zach and Miri Make a Porno) and Peter Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber, There’s Something About Mary) this films comedic tone is not going to be for the faint-hearted, possibly resulting in a few angry letters being written to one or two high-brow newspapers. The trailers opening scene alone is bound to spark controversy (or just millions of laughs…much like the synopsis this is yet to be decided…) as it sees Scary Movie’s Anna Faris proclaiming she would like to be poohed on. Yep.


As you can see from the poster the cast is huge; Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Justin Long, Richard Gere, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, Stephen Merchant, Seann William Scott……the list goes on and on and on and on, and from what I can see the comedy will also be huge. Points for a brilliant trailer that will pull in audiences = 10/10.

Day 9.

14 Dec

On this page lies a long list of ‘Things you will never do before you die’. The idea is to tick the box next to an idea so that you can come terms with the fact that you will never do it.

Here are some I will never do:

  • Grow a beard.
  • Own an owl.
  • Proclaim myself Emperor.
  • Gate-crash the Whitehouse.
  • Channel lava away from a village.
  • Sleep with a whore of Babylon.

Here are some I have already done:

  • Kiss a stranger.
  • Get a tattoo (see picture below)
  • Apologise for existing.
  • Shave off your pubic hair.
  • Ride a donkey.
  • Loop the loop….Alton Towers rollercoasters count right?


Here are some I really hope I do:

  • Learn how to drive.
  • Feel like Batman.
  • Swim in Lake Titicaca.
  • Compromise.
  • Paint someone in tar and feathers.
  • Exterminate a Zombie.


    Ok so maybe I haven’t come to terms with it just yet.

Day 8.

14 Dec

Self-Portrait Day.


‘How do you see yourself?’ Benrik asks. I feel that this is the most revealing photograph of me as it represents a number of my own characteristics. I feel that I am a happy person and the smile represents this. I take things to heart and can often shy away from conflict; the fact I am looking down at the floor shows this side of me. I am also not revealing my whole self to the camera which is indicative of how I approach most relationships with other people, not letting anyone know too much about me unless you have earnt my trust.

I remember feeling really great on the day I took this photograph.

Day 7.

14 Dec

In advance, I have not done this one. ‘Today, let Benrik stamp your passport’, the idea being that you post it in to the authors of this incredible book so that you become an official member of the club in an unofficial sense. I only have one form of I.D so if it didn’t come back I wouldn’t be able to buy myself a nice pint of cider in my local. Or prove to the police who I am on Day 16…. Instead I decided that this would be a day where I delve into my other book ‘Living Out Loud’ and partake in one of its very own tasks.

I had to return to my childhood for this first dip into the unknown book and get on the floor and be creative with pens, paper, glue etc. So as well as doing this to some paper with some felt tip pens…..


…..I also took out my new scrapbook and started to fill it.

My first scrapbook has been going for about ten years and I have gradually filled it up with cinema tickets, invites to parties/weddings, special birthday and christmas cards, gig tickets, old student I.D cards, and other random memorabilia. It is probably one of my proudest achievements as it is really my life, or at least parts of it, laid out before my eyes. But after a while I realised I would not get much more in it and so I began to save these wonderful reminders up in a beautiful box until my Mum kindly bought a new scrapbook for me. Below is a photograph of my two books and then some of my favourite parts of each book and my life so far.

IMG_0531  DSCF6818Reading 2007 was my first festival and it was incredible. I brought home two things: memories and the festival bug.

DSCF6819Party decorations from my 21st and 22nd birthdays. My 21st was brilliant…only 80 of my closest friends and family!

DSCF6822Holiday to Lourdes with my friend Lucy and a Christian group. We are holding the blue banner on the right hand side.

DSCF6823My other huge passion is Rugby and my team is Wales. This is the ticket from my very first live game in Cardiff. Wales lost.

DSCF6826This is the 2nd event that I organised with my freelance events business, Snave Events. We raised £207 for Children In Need.

DSCF6825This is the paperwork from when I became an organ donor beside a card from my two best friends. I will hopefully save someones life with my organs as my best friends consistently save mine.