We Don’t Need No Education.

23 Apr

I came across this video on the almighty ‘social’ network that is Facebook, and once again it reminded me of why I keep my account open.

From spoken-word/beat-poetry extraordinaire Suli Breaks comes a stunning and extremely personal view upon the education system, its advantages and disadvantages and why he believes that life itself is an education.

Whilst I don’t agree with every point he makes, this video and its words resonate long after the replay button appears.

On a personal level I believe that education is a valuable part of personal development, the daily social interaction can be essential for character building, the value of an appropriate environment in which to learn, and whilst many subjects won’t agree with certain peoples emotions or values they are all designed to help us gain a better understanding of what we want for our future. We may never use Pythagoras’ Theorem or the French for ‘the cat sat under the table’, but somebody might and to not teach a multitude of things would be exclusive.

I agree for the most part with what Suli is expressing, especially the ‘irony’ and contradictions that we are presented with through government and social media, but it is up to us to continue our education and seek out the knowledge that will put us one step further into our futures.

Whatever your thoughts on this link, it will make you nothing short of emotional. Brilliantly crafted and moving.

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