Big Ass Spider!

8 Feb

Yep, you read it correctly, exclamation point and all. ‘Big Ass Spider!‘. One of the latest trailers to be released is for Mike Mendez’s film about a giant alien spider that decides to go on a rampage through the streets of Los Angeles after escaping from a military lab. Sounds plausible right? And it’s not like any pther spider related films have gone wrong in the past right? I mean, who didn’t like ‘Eight Legged Freaks?…..


I am surprised that I am able to write anything about this trailer as I am lost for words. After viewing it all I was able to mutter repeatedly for a few moments in an inquisitive manner was ‘It’s got to be a joke’. But I’m not sure that it is and that frightens me (even more than the special effects).

I very much doubt that there will be anything gratifying about this film, it doesn’t even look like it will fall into the so-bad-it’s-good category. Even the director doesn’t seem confident about its release, showing up at the beginning of the trailer begging the audience not to download his film for free as he has ‘worked so hard’ on it. Yeah, that’s really evident….(insert sarcastic exclamation point here)….

Big Ass Spider! coming to screens near you soon…..ahhh who am I kidding….coming straight to Bargain Bins near you soon.

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