Why No Star Rating?

5 Feb


There was one thing that I wanted to avoid when I started this blog that most film/book/television programme reviews have and that is star ratings. I find it interesting that most reviews try to remain objective, at least in accordance with the policies of the magazine it comes in or the opinions of the presenter it comes from, and then at the end they counterbalance that by proclaiming that something is 10/10 or five stars. That result is in itself a subjective thing. I could tell you that ‘A Few Good Men’ is 10/10, that it has everything you want from a film; an incredible script, a compelling plot, a world class cast and all from a brilliant director, a film that is as thrilling as it is captivating. You might watch it and think I must have been taking the wrong medication.

Although I am going to be avoiding the star rating I am by no means going to remain objective. If I like something I will let you know and hopefully encourage you to open your mind and enjoy all that this world of entertainment has to offer. However being objective does seem to come somewhat naturally when you are trying hard not to reveal certain plot-lines or twists but I am hoping to make sure that I come down on one side of the fence with each review.

To make up for no shiny gold stars I will be continuing with the newly created parts of my reviews, the ‘Selling Point’ and the ‘Quote-a-rama’. The former is where you will get an insight into what really stood out for me, whether it be an actors performance or the soundtrack and the latter will show you which wonderfully crafted part of the script really deserves a mention.

All I ask of you, my readers, is that you remain as open-minded as I do and know that whether I loathe or love something it is just my opinion. I implore you to watch, read and listen and then make your own mind up. If we agreed with each other about everything, what an un-entertaining world it would be.

Happy reading.


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