Day 27.

18 Jan

Todays task is to write the opening sentence to your debut novel.


Since my first year of college I have been writing, incredibly slowly I might add, a book. I got the idea when I had to write an essay for English and I have written various chapters sporadically over the years adding to its length and complexity. Soon I will have to reign it all in and edit, edit, edit. Rather than revealing the first line from my book which is only two words long, I will share with you the first part of Chapter One.

I am terribly nervous about this as I am quite private when it comes to this book so hope this goes down well.


The light. It’s so bright. I’ve got to go now. I have to. I will never get another chance. He told me…he told me he was going to kill me. If I don’t go now I’m gonna be dead. I will die. He told me that. I have to run into that light. That bright light. It’s never been that bright before. He told me I will die. Just like the others, he said. I need to run into the light. My friends always joke about that…running into the light. Or am I just delusional? The seconds feel like days here. Is there even a light? Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? But it’s never been that bright before…Should I go for it? It’s been bright for a long time now. I need to do it now. I need to stand up. And run. Run. Run. Run. Run like he said two others did. Or I will die. Run or die. That’s my choice.

But what’s in the light? Freedom? Death? Him…? Can I risk it? That light. It’s so bright, even through this hood. God it itches. I need to run. Now. I can’t leave it any longer. It needs to be now.

Stand up. Just do it. I can do it. Oh my god my legs are so weak. Will they even hold me? What if I can’t run? Stop it! I can run. I can. He said I will die like the others. The others. How many have there been? No time for that. That’s all I’ve thought about, the others. It’s about me now. I have to get out. Stand up. My legs hurt so much. I’m so weak. No, no I’m not. I’m strong. I can do this, just stand up straight. Can I get my hands free? No. The ropes are so tight. I have to try to get my hands free. Bring them to the front of my body, under my legs. I’ve seen that before. Yes, that will work. Sit down and try. Yes. Yes. It’s working. Yes. My arms haven’t bent this way for god knows how long. Now stand up. Jesus Christ my legs. Now the hood, take it off. Shit! That light. It’s so bright. But it’s right there. I can see it now. Go. Go now. Run into it now.

Where the fuck am I? What the hell is this place? Don’t do this now. Don’t look around. Just run. Just find a door, any door. I have to get out. Shit, my legs. How long is this fucking corridor!? My eyes, this light is so bright. Maybe I should have kept the hood on! Run. Keep running. I have to keep running. Don’t look behind me, just run. A door. A big door. This has got to be it. Turn the handle. Yes it’s turning. Push it. It won’t budge. Come on. Just suck it up and fucking push it. Shit. My arms. My legs. My eyes. My stomach. FUCK. Just push it. Push or die. Push or die. That’s my choice now. Yes. Yes. Yes. Come on. Yes. I’m out. I’m outside. I’m…I’m free. NO! NO! Shit! What was that? Shit!

What happened? I’m on the floor again. Am I in the dark again? Am I free or am I in the dark? Open my eyes. Yes. Light. Yes. Thank god. Bright light! Don’t worry you’ve just fallen. Get up. Damn my legs. What did I fall on? Look around quickly. Steps. Concrete steps. No wait. I’ve got to run again. Run as far away as possible. I did it before, I can do it again.

Shit my legs hurt even more now. Where am I going? Where am I? Shut up. Don’t think just run. The lights so bright, but it’s better than the dark. What do I do now? Look for help. Someone must be around. Someone who can help me. Anyone. I just need someone. Anyone. Keep running. It hurts but I have to keep running. He could be behind me. NO! Don’t look back. Run forward, never look back. Shit! Not again. Stop fucking falling over. Get up and run. It’s not over yet. You know it’s not over. Run.

Where is everyone? What is this place? Am I going round in circles? I have to stop thinking. I have to just run. Run around the corner. FUCK. I’m on the floor again. Who’s that? Who’s that man? Shit! Who is he? Light. No. No. Stay away. Darkness…


Feedback on this would be amazing. I, myself, am quite proud of this little extract.

4 Responses to “Day 27.”

  1. Catherine Evans January 19, 2013 at 12:49 pm #

    It wants to make you keep reading to find out whats going to happen, really good. Is this the book you were writing years ago, the thriller?x

    • amyevans8811 January 19, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

      Thank you. And indeed it is the book from years ago that I was writing. I have writen verious parts over the years and at some point I will have to bring it all together and think of an ending. Really like this part though

  2. gildius January 24, 2013 at 9:30 am #

    Ooh, the tension! I really like this extract – how much more of the book have you written?
    Reading this, it feels very cinematic, very visual – I could see this opening on a big screen 🙂

    • amyevans8811 January 26, 2013 at 11:21 am #

      Gildius – this is very much appreciated especially coming from you. I have written around 8 chapters, both on my computer and in various notepads but looking through some of it last year it definitely needs improvement as the language is somewhat immature. I adore this extract though and to be honest had forgotten I’d written it! Opening on a big screen…now that would be a dream wouldn’t it?!! Thank you again 🙂

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