Day 26.

18 Jan

Today help destroy an ugly building.

As it is snowing in my beautiful city I decided that instead of destroying an ugly building, I would destroy an ice-white snowman. To do this I would have to build a snowman, my first. Having lived in a semi-tropical part of Great Britain, Cornwall, for 23 years of my life snow is not something I have come across very often. When it does snow there it becomes ice almost instantaneously. So off I ventured into my garden.

Quickly I realised that my woollen gloves were effectively useless in keeping out the cold but I soldiered on and built myself a tidy mound to call my own. After finding some small stones I made a face for my mound and gave it some wonderful stick arms. The result is below: Scrappy the Snowman.


However since Scrappy was my first ever snowman I just couldn’t bare the thought of destroying him. Instead me and my partner went for a wonderful winter walk (for about ten minutes when we decided to turn back as it was super cold) where we found an abandoned snowman in the park. It had probably been built by some sprightly child as they stopped to re-cooperate from their recent ride on a sledge. Too bad, because I was ready for carnage.

Here I am holding its detached pearly-white head.


I’m not as rebellious as I make out though as I very quickly put the head back on the snowman. My partner shortly after that kicked the hell out of it. How we all love snow days.

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