Day 25.

18 Jan

People in Ticket Line

Today jump a queue.

Tips for jumping a queue as written by Benrik:

Don’t – Jump in front of the elderly. They have high moral standards (not sure about this part as they always push in front of me…) and they will enjoy rebuking a young hooligan in public.

Do – Jump in front of tourists. They don’t know the rules, the won’t speak well enough to protest and in their country it’s often the done thing anyway.

Don’t – Avoid jumping into the middle of the queue. People here have queued a long time already and are stressed about whether they’ll get in.

Do – Jump in at the front of the queue. It has been scientifically proven to be the best place to muscle in. People are relaxed as they can see they’ll get in, and it’s so cheeky they can’t believe you’re queue jumping anyway.

queue jumping

Taking all of this on board (and bravely ignoring the consequences portrayed in the cartoon above) I decided to jump the queue on two occasions yesterday. First I turned up late for my bus to work, saw it coming so flagged it down and jumped on first. No-one protested as I think there is an un-written rule in this country that if you take the effort to flag the big hump of metal down then you have earned your place at the front of the queue. Success. Secondly I decided to grab myself a bacon-roll for breakfast from a well know coffee-house above my workplace. There were a few people in the queue and I needed to get to work asap so naturally (or not in this case, as usually I would politely wait) I grabbed my delightful treat from the stand and jumped to the front asking if I could have it heated up quickly as I need to get to work. I got a couple of frowns but no-one said anything. Success.

Now I have tried and tested this theory for myself I think I will do it more often. Sorry.

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