Day 20.

10 Jan

ImageToday, search your house for dead bodies left over from any previous serial-killer occupants.

Amy’s tips for finding a body successfully:

  • Use a ladder to check the attic. If somehow someone actually managed to get a body up there you need to remove it so that you can store more useless crap.
  • Look up the chimney. In the likely event that you have no chimney, crack open the radiators. A murderer would have to have hidden the body somewhere!
  • Check under the floorboards and/or patio. Watch old episodes of Brookside for extra information on how to approach this task.
  • Find the secret basement and head on down. Don’t forget your trusty the-batteries-won’t-run-out torch.

I won’t lie to you, I have not ripped up any floorboards or gone into my attic as I live in a rented property and I’m not sure they would appreciate having to renovate the house once I leave. I would however, like to share with you two photographs of the incredibly creepy door that is on the side of my house.



I mean seriously, what is this door for? Where does it lead? And more importantly why were we not supplied with a key for it when we moved in? Suspicious much?…..

I think if there were any dead bodies through this decrepit door we would have noticed the smell by now though. Right?

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