Day 19.

6 Jan

Long-lost relative day.

I actually have a little story already related to this subject.

Bare with me though as this is a second-hand, from memory, account.

When I was much younger, I would say about 8 or 9 years old, my Dad and my step-mum left Cornwall in a taxi to go on the chat-show Trisha. My step-mum had contacted them as she had not seen her brother, who lived in America, in about 15 years. The show was to be broadcast over Christmas of that year and so when they were on stage for the interview about families being separated by oceans there were Christmas trees all over the stage.

About half way through the interview one of these said Christmas trees fell over and Trisha called for some assistance from one of the crew. I have seen the video tape of this incident and in no way is it subtle, but it is ultimately effective as the crew member is none other than my step-mum’s brother!

I remember watching the video a number of times when I was younger after they had returned from lands far beyond the Cornish border for the surprise reunion, and it was so emotional. The feeling of seeing someone for what probably feels like the first time as it has been so long, must be overwhelming. We can all sit there and watch these stories unfold on our television screens but it was really something special to know that your own family had experienced such a glorious moment.

Cheers Trisha!


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