Day 17.

18 Dec

Today, stick a message on a banknote.

This has been the first real test of my character since opening the book that will change my life (yes even more of a test than eating the dreaded greenery that is cucumber on Day 6), as I found myself worrying about whether this act was in fact vandalism. I know that the Queens image is not meant to be defaced in any way and Benrik even state at the bottom of todays page that The Bank of England said, “We strongly discourage people from taking any action which will, even to a very limited extent, shorten the life of our banknotes”. So as you can see, I found myself in a genuine dilemma.

But after some thorough research (I looked for a few opinions from the general public on Yahoo Questions/Answere), and remembering the amount of banknotes I have come across with writing all over them, I decided that I would not be thrown in prison for doing this task and so set about writing my messages on my dollar (pounds…).


The messages are as follows:

Top Left – ‘Hmmmm what is it all about?’

Top Right – ‘Don’t forget milk’.

Bottom Left – ‘Do you really need that?’

Bottom Right – ‘That’s not worth £20.00’.

I am a poetic genius as you can see.

End notes: If you do come across these banknotes at any point feel free to let me know what you have spent my money on. And I would like to point out that I have not defaced the Queens image in any way, shape or form therefore this legal tender is still incredibly reusuable.

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