Day 15.

16 Dec

Today ask your loved ones to list you bad points. (And so I don’t feel completely awful I asked for good points as well)… Here they all are….


Good Points                                           Bad Points

You’re an amazing cousin                    We live to far apart & I don’t get to see you

Your ass                                                       You don’t let me grab it more

Love your zest for life                             You swear too much

You care about people                           You care too much about people

You love bacon bites                               Your taste in films (you don’t like Top Gun!)

Well there you have it. Not a bad result really as I was expecting so much worse so thank you everyone who helped me out with this today at such short notice. I will do my very best to improve all the negatives…..

I’ll watch Top Gun with my cousin without swearing at the television and then let my friend touch my bum and not care if anyone finds out.

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