Day 14.

16 Dec

‘True Story. There is an extraordinary study by Marius Von Senden, called “Space and Sight”. In it he examines the experiences of those born blind whose sight has recently been restored by cataract surgery. For them, vision is a radical new experience. They see the world as a field of colours. One girl was so moved by its dazzling brilliance that she kept her eyes closed for two weeks, only opening them briefly now and again, to repeat “Oh God! How beautiful.” Alas, she found it impossible to understand space, and kept bumping into these colours. She was only ever happy with her eyes closed, pretending to be blind again.” – Benrik, This Book Will Change Your Life


Today’s task was to go through the day without the use of sight. This morning I awoke, got out of my warm bed to get my towels and had a shower. I also, later on in the evening, wrapped three of my Christmas presents. Both of these I did with my eyes closed. The feeling was quite terrifying.

I had a conversation with my partner a while ago, as I am sure many others have, regarding which sense we would be more devastated to lose; our sight or our hearing. As a fan of film I fell on the side of sight as my mind and emotional mood responds so much more to visual stimulation, where as my partner who is a lover of all things musical fell on the side of hearing. For me today, just these two menial tasks of showering and wrapping presents was extremely difficult and despite the fact that I was in my home, an environment in which I feel comfortable in and am aware of my surroundings, it felt so daunting and I felt like I had forgotten where everything was. Obviously people who are born with an impairment (a word I hesitate to use but am in need of another) know no different and they learn to adapt to the world around them, and like we saw above, an alteration that world doesnt always go as smoothly as some may have first hoped.

Despite my eyes being closed for some parts of today, my mind has been opened just a fraction more.

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