Day 13.

16 Dec

8853269-secret-agent-girl‘Today, pretend to be a secret agent…..Don’t look up now, they are watching…..Wave at the grey car. It will pick you up and take you to the secret rendevous….P.S. Tear this page out and swallow it’.

There was definitely no grey car.

But anyway on the subject of spying I would like to share with you all one of my favourite films within the secret agent genre. Now this isn’t going to be your regular choice, it isn’t the blue-eyed boy Daniel Craig with his slick portrayal of James Bond or even the tiny Tom Cruise in yet another ‘impossible’ mission, it is the voluptuous and camp cast of the Carry On films in Carry On Spying.

The Carry On films are something that I grew up with, and like many others I can recall numerous occasions in which my family and I would sit down and laugh uncontrollably at the screen, with each innuendo and unbelievable situation that the characters threw at us. The black and white films from the series are by far my favourite – Carry On Nurse, Spying, Constable, Cabby – as they carry with them a certain charm and delicacy that the later ones lack. That is not to say however that I dislike them, I just find the earlier ones to be slightly superior. So go ahead, click on the link and watch the film in its entirety and secret agent skills at their very best.

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