Day 10 – Day 12.

16 Dec

‘Woah’ I hear you say. ‘Three days at once?’ I hear you ask. Well, what happened was…….

I will be honest from the start, the tasks for Day 10 – Day 12 were either ones that I chickened out of or were completely ridiculous. The former being doing a runner from a restaurant (i.e not paying the bill) and the latter was to ‘insult an alien’ by shouting into my radio and hoping some form of extra-terrestrial would hear me…… Yeah. giant-telescope

Instead I decided to do three things from the list of ‘Things you will never do before you die’ from Day 9, and prove Benrik wrong!

These 3 things were:

  • Laugh at a bad joke. Here it is….. “I used to be a superb scarecrow impersonator. In fact I was outstanding in my field”.
  • Whistle while you work. I whistled this song….. Magic Dance
  • Wear a rucksack. Yep I am hardcore.

I didn’t promise it would be amazing but it is honest.

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