Day 7.

14 Dec

In advance, I have not done this one. ‘Today, let Benrik stamp your passport’, the idea being that you post it in to the authors of this incredible book so that you become an official member of the club in an unofficial sense. I only have one form of I.D so if it didn’t come back I wouldn’t be able to buy myself a nice pint of cider in my local. Or prove to the police who I am on Day 16…. Instead I decided that this would be a day where I delve into my other book ‘Living Out Loud’ and partake in one of its very own tasks.

I had to return to my childhood for this first dip into the unknown book and get on the floor and be creative with pens, paper, glue etc. So as well as doing this to some paper with some felt tip pens…..


…..I also took out my new scrapbook and started to fill it.

My first scrapbook has been going for about ten years and I have gradually filled it up with cinema tickets, invites to parties/weddings, special birthday and christmas cards, gig tickets, old student I.D cards, and other random memorabilia. It is probably one of my proudest achievements as it is really my life, or at least parts of it, laid out before my eyes. But after a while I realised I would not get much more in it and so I began to save these wonderful reminders up in a beautiful box until my Mum kindly bought a new scrapbook for me. Below is a photograph of my two books and then some of my favourite parts of each book and my life so far.

IMG_0531  DSCF6818Reading 2007 was my first festival and it was incredible. I brought home two things: memories and the festival bug.

DSCF6819Party decorations from my 21st and 22nd birthdays. My 21st was brilliant…only 80 of my closest friends and family!

DSCF6822Holiday to Lourdes with my friend Lucy and a Christian group. We are holding the blue banner on the right hand side.

DSCF6823My other huge passion is Rugby and my team is Wales. This is the ticket from my very first live game in Cardiff. Wales lost.

DSCF6826This is the 2nd event that I organised with my freelance events business, Snave Events. We raised £207 for Children In Need.

DSCF6825This is the paperwork from when I became an organ donor beside a card from my two best friends. I will hopefully save someones life with my organs as my best friends consistently save mine.

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