This Book Will Change Your Life.

2 Dec


Last year my good friend purchased this book and I was really taken by its contents, for inside laid a written ‘how-to’ for spicing up even the spiciest of lives. 365 pages of fun, dangerous, humorous and challenging things to do – one for each day of the year – and if you get through each and every one then your life is sure to be changed (although the book doesn’t guarantee that it will be for the better).

Created from six editions of the annual ‘Diary Will Change Your Life’ this is the compilation of all the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) parts of each book for a new audience to enjoy. Written by the Independent and Guardian columnists Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag who are known together as Benrik, the series has become a world-wide phenomenon with many fans taking the books liberating tasks very seriously indeed. In 2005 Will Parkinson ate that years Diary and made the national press. Yep.

So here it is, the point behind my blog entry. I, Amy Evans, am going to embark on this frivolous journey and begin my 365 days of possible torment, illegality and pure brilliance. Beginning today, the 2nd of December 2012 (I’ve decided against waiting for the conventional first day of the year!) I am going to attempt to do my best to complete each task and then inform you all of how well I have favoured. So hopefully, all being well, there will be a blog entry each day alongside my Reviews until 1st December 2013.

Having had a cheeky sneak peek through the book there are some things that I will undoubtedly chicken out of so I have ordered myself a different book that is of a similar nature called ‘Living Out Loud: An Activity Book to Fuel a creative Life’ by Keri Smith, and I will use that to fill in any blanks. For example Day 16 in Benrik’s masterpiece tells you to ‘…walk into a police station, announce you’re finally giving yourself up and refuse to say another word for the rest of the day’…..cue Keri Smith’s book.

I am sure that this will be an even more exciting year than usual so stay tuned to see how much my life really does change.

2 Responses to “This Book Will Change Your Life.”

  1. Will Parkinson March 4, 2014 at 10:54 pm #

    How did you get on? That book was tough to eat.

    • amyevans8811 March 8, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

      I didnt get on too badly but I unfortunately didn’t follow it to the letter so to speak. I dip in and out of it all the time and have written some more accounts to type up but it was difficult to maintain.


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