You can’t handle the Truth.

7 Nov

As I am sure you will discover along this long and ‘most excellent’ journey, I am a huge fan of documentaries. Not just ones made for television but the elaborate and vibrant few that make it into our cinemas so that we can enjoy the revalations alongside a nice salty flavoured side of popcorn. As we head into Christmas and then 2013, a huge number of documentaries are being sent our way, some being on the more controversial side – David France’s ‘How to Survive a Plague’ approaching the subject of how AIDS has become a manageable condition rather than a death sentence – and some simply to fill us with awe and wonderment, like ‘Bones Brigade: An Autobiography’ featuring the original 1980’s skateboarding dream team that included Tony Hawke and Steve Caballero.

Some of my favourite documentaries are those of Michael Moore, of which I’m sure I will recieve some criticism as his standpoint and style of film-making can often seem biased and propoganda-esque, but if not for the completed projects, there are so many incredible moments and insights into humanity to enjoy. Take for instance this interview with Marilyn Manson which is extracted from Moore’s 2002 film ‘Bowling for Columbine’ about the Columbine School shootings and its effects on America.

It is undeniable that even out of complete context this form of film, the raw documentary interview and style, can have a huge effect on the viewer. This is why even if I disagree with a premise or an idea I still emerse myself in this world created by truth-seekers, intelligent researchers and journalists, hoping to come out of it with my eyes and ears ever so slightly more open.

This is why I have put a few trailer links up at the end of this piece for the documentaries that I am most excited about, including the afformentioned, so that you can hopefully do as I do and indulge yourself in the ‘truthful’ world.

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