Who Ya Gonna Call?

4 Nov

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Apparently the answer is no longer Ghostbusters. For this will be the second franchise that is hoping to be saved by the one, the only………If you smeeeeelllll what the Rock is cooking………Mr Dwayne Johnson. For the Fast and Furious this combination worked perfectly, Johnson sizzled on screen, providing adrenaline and traction to a sequel whos predecessors had gradually run out of steam (and/or petrol). My fear however is that not even The Rock can save John. M. Chu’s latest film, G.I. Joe: Retalliation.

The latest installment that is based upon the 1964 issued action-figure G.I. Joe, sees the very average Joe’s not only fighting against Cobra (remember that bad guy from the first film) but fighting for their safety and that of the general population, which is supposedly being threatened by their own U.S government. Now you may be able to tell from the slightly sarcastic tone of this blog entry that I am not a fan of the first dolly inspired movie. In fact, for me, it was one of the worst films I have seen. Sloppy storytelling, bad characterisation and indecent special effects all made for an uncomfortable and frustrating watch. It is therefore a fear of mine that the second will be of a similar calibre.

Now you may disagree with me, you may be thinking that surely Chu, the man who brought us the 2011 classic ‘Justin Bieber: Never Say Never’, will get this one right, but lets be completely honest, it is highly unlikely. The just released trailer does instill a few ounces of faith however as it does look like a good action film, with much improved SFX and plotline. My only hope is that it doesn’t break these trailer-promises so that then G.I Joe: Retalliation can be added to the short list of ‘sequels better than the film before them’.

And if all else fails, Bruce Willis is also in the film. Yippie-ki-yay.

G.I Joe: Retalliation is set for deployment 27.03.2013.

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