Under Construction.

3 Nov

I find myself perplexed and excited by this shiny new world that I find myself in, yet somehow I feel like I have come home. I have been on WordPress for just two days now, thanks to a recommendation by a friend who is an incredible blogger (when I discover how to link her page in to this post, I will), and so far I love what I see.


For a long time I have wanted a space to write down all of my opinions about my top passion – Films – and now I have found it. Tumblr was great for a while but I always became sidetracked by pretty pictures and amusing cartoons, so I am hoping that this blog will remain slightly more professional! Focus Amy, focus!


Obviously though, as I have only been on here for a short time, I’d ask you all to bare with me while I get the page up and running. I have a few ideas already about what I’d like to do, currently I am working on some bite-sized trailer reviews which I hope to group together for all of you to entertain yourselves with. I’d also like to attempt a personal ‘Top 20’ – 10 seeming too small for my insanely wide taste bracket.


But whatever happens with my blog, I am sure that along the way we will all have fun. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

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