Snow White and the Hunstman

2 Nov



(Insert obvious opening line about a mirror here)…And who is the fairest of them all? Certainly not first time director Rupert Sanders with his début based upon the beloved fairytale of Snow White. OK, so I know what you are thinking. First time director, give him a break right? Wrong. Sanders has managed to pull in a whopping A-list cast and an incredible team around him including Oscar winning producer Gloria S. Borders and BAFTA award winning art director David Warren to name but a few, but he has left his audience with a poisonous after taste from biting into his shiny red apple.

Snow White has its moments, mostly coming from a few perfectly scripted and well acted epic speeches and the films heart pounding soundtrack courtesy of James Newton Howard most noted for Pretty Woman and The Dark Knight, but it falls so short of a great summer blockbuster even though the stories new direction is really interesting and it is what drew me in. It portrays Snow White as a fighter, a warrior who with the help of her huntsman (Hemsworth) and the seven dwarves, hopes to avenge the untimely death of her father at the hands of the evil Queen played by Charlize Theron. The only problem is that for this warrior, this woman who needs to show conviction, power and emotion they decided to cast Kristen Stewart who lacks all of the aforementioned qualities, and although fits the part aesthetically, simply does nothing to prove that she has what is takes to fill the iconic shoes of Miss. White which is a real shame. Hemsworth is a worthy huntsman however and aside from oozing with sex appeal he once again cements his place in Hollywood as one to watch, filling the screen with bursts of emotion, subtle humour and strong leadership. The most notable scene from the film comes from Hemsworth declaring his love for Snow White before he kisses and awakes her from her deathly slumber, which is delivered with such emotion and truth it will have every woman wishing for a similar fate. Theron is the true star of the show though as the evil, cold, calculating, malicious, unappreciative, powerful, vengeful and callous Queen Ravenna. She is utterly superb, delivering a performance that at times due to scripting comes across as a little exaggerated but ultimately satisfies and holds the audiences attention.

The special effects in Snow White and the Huntsman are also definitely worth noting. They are not perfect and are in places worthy of a disgruntled facial expression upon viewing but they have their moments, predominantly with the effects bestowed upon the Queens phantom army. The dark knights are essentially a manifestation of Ravenna’s power and are sent to fight the Kings army at the films beginning so that then the King can discover her in their ‘captivity’. The effects come from the dark army being killed as, when struck, the knights shatter into a million dark grey shards. It simply looks stunning and luckily the effect is repeated later on as it is possibly the best part of the film.

Overall Snow White and the Huntsman is much like a huge bonfire. It ignites from the use of bellowing speeches and beautiful costume design, it’s soundtrack crackles between the intricate flames of the storyline and it roars with some solid performances and decent special effects, but ultimately it is very wooden and by the end all you are left with is ash and a thick unpleasant stench in the air. This apple may be shiny on the outside but looks can be very, very deceiving.

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