‘Killer Joe’ – McConaughey has never been a lost cause.

2 Nov

‘Killer Joe’ – McConaughey has never been a lost cause.

I have forever been an ardent fan of McConaughey since the first time I curled up on my sofa with a blanket and nibbles to watch the superbly adapted John Grisham thriller ‘A Time To Kill’. His acting ability is beyond most of his generation and for some unbeknown reason he has opted to do what seems like a 24 episode television series of rom-coms. Don’t get me wrong these rom-coms can be enjoyable, I love nothing more than to watch love grow on screen, but it is the darker, edgier roles that McConaughey does best.

I am yet to watch this film but the trailer and its reviews are incredible, and amongst this summers daily dosage of ‘Blockbuster’, it is the off-the-wall Indie films I look forward to the most, never disappointing and bringing the viewers back down to earth from the CGI heavens. McConaughey looks set to shine in this piece, as he does in ‘Lincoln Lawyer’, ‘U571’ and ‘Frailty’ and I just hope that he sticks to this path as it is undoubtedly what suits him.

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